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LONDON ART FAIR Debut With London Contemporary Art (January 2020)
27th February 2020
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1st January 2021
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Studio Brian Neish, May 2020

Living In Extraordinary Times

A new series of twelve works is slowly evolving in the studio. These paintings are ostensibly allocated for Ivy Brown Gallery in New York. For Brian, they reflect a development from his 2019 ‘White’ Series.

I’ve been keeping my head down for a while, trying to not get distracted by everything happening outside. Trying to get well again and focusing on positives … Meanwhile, these new works evolve more and more. With convergence and divergence in places. I’m attempting to allow the paintings to assert themselves more in terms of treatments now, while making my agenda back off a bit…I seem to be ending up with novel new colour combinations. There are some surprises, along with the challenge of figuring out whether I like them or not…

Latest from the studio, May 2020

In the ‘White’ Series Brian explores the use of a grid system. Using it as a formal device to navigate space across a painting’s picture plane. Seeking to leave a pure white or ‘off-white’ as the dominant visual element. However, he found himself starting to explore a stronger use of colour at the beginning of ‘shut down’ back in March. He is discovering that these new works, in contrast to the ‘White’ Series are allowing colours to assert themselves with great vigour. Now when he is using white, it is playing a less profound role. While the internal frames and ‘panels’ that featured in the ‘White Series’ continue to be present in these new works, they are becoming more broken down and ‘ghostly’ in colour.

Studio Brian Neish, May 2020
Studio Brian Neish May 2020
BRIAN NEISH STUDIO – Painter Brian Neish is an internationally acclaimed contemporary abstract artist based in High Peak, Derbyshire. He is fascinated by painted surfaces and the exploration of time and experience through the layering of oil paint, colour and texture. Brian exhibits at local Derbyshire art shows, national art exhibitions, and international art shows. He is represented by a number of galleries including London Contemporary Art (London, UK), Bell Fine Art (Winchester, UK) and Ivy Brown Gallery (New York City, USA) FIND OUT MORE