NOBLE DECAY Solo Exhibition at Malraux Gallery (June 2011)

NEW WORK Solo Exhibition at Fisherton Mill Gallery (May 2010)
1st January 2010
ON ASH FORK by Gemma Billington (October 2013)
1st October 2013

By 2011, Brian had been living in France for some time and was asked to show during the local arts festival that summer.

This new work called on the inspiration of the red hydrant cover panels on the sides of houses in the hilltop towns of Tuscany. Brian refers to his interest in the wear and aging of these surfaces as ‘Noble Decay’; as some objects acquire a deeper beauty after long exposure to the elements than their appearance when originally new. He continued to explore his interest in using paint in carefully applied layers, and generating actual and implied expressive textural qualities as a result.

He showed a number of pieces from what was to become his Panels series. Some of these pieces were ‘composites’: paintings made using separate canvases brought together to make a whole. This was an attempt to consider a painting as more of a physical object in its own right and to explore the notion of ‘panels’ in a more sophisticated sense than merely depicting them, flat, upon a single canvas surface.

“I was painting panels ON panels, then bringing these together to make objects.”


GALLERY: GALERIE MALRAUX RUN BY VILLE DE SARLAT (show of 14 paintings sold out)

Panello Rosso Sfalsato Alla Destra (2011) Oil on canvas (9-part composite) 37.0 x 37.0" / 93 x 93cm SOLD
Panello Rosso Abbassamento (2011) Oil on canvas (9-part composite) 37.0 x 37.0" / 93 x 93cm SOLD
Pannello Rosso (2013) Oil on four canvas panels 24.0 x 24.0" / 61 x 61cm SOLD
Incendiario (2011) Oil on nine canvas panels 12.0 x 12.0" / 30 x 30cm SOLD
Only Time Will Tell (2013) Oil on canvas 40.0 x 36.0" / 102 x 76cm SOLD