12th October 2013

JOURNEY Solo Exhibition at Store Street Gallery (November 2013)

We invited Brian Neish to be one of our artists towards the end of 2010. I had been aware of his work and keeping a keen eye on his progress for a few years when he had been splitting his years in half: teaching part-time at the University of Chichester as a subject leader in Art Education then working in his studio in France ...
1st October 2013

ON ASH FORK by Gemma Billington (October 2013)

On being asked to contribute some thoughts and ideas about Brian Neish’s work for this publication, I was able to have Ash Fork hanging in my studio for a few weeks. It was an engaging presence so I often found myself looking at it, and absorbing its particular qualities. At first sight he appeared to have dissolved the distinction between […]
1st June 2011

NOBLE DECAY Solo Exhibition at Malraux Gallery (June 2011)

By 2011, Brian had been living in France for some time and was asked to show during the local arts festival that summer. This new work called on the inspiration of the red hydrant cover panels on the sides of houses in the hilltop towns of Tuscany. Brian refers to his interest in the wear and aging of these surfaces as ‘Noble Decay’ ...