11th September 2017

DEEPEST HARMONY Solo Exhibition at Ivy Brown Gallery (September 2017)

Deepest Harmony’ is a series created specifically for this exhibition and further develops Neish’s exploration of time and experience through the layering of paint, color and texture. Recently, Neish has invented a fresh approach using loose painted panels before manipulating them ...
10th August 2017

EXPLORING COMPOSITES Selected Art Works (2010 – 2017)

BRIAN HAS CONTINUED TO EXPLORE THE USE OF COMPOSITES EVER SINCE 2010. Initially using separate canvases placed together to develop the concept of 'panels' (depicted and actual) and latterly on Masonite retained to a base using magnets, affording him with the possibility to manipulate panels into a 'most harmonious' arrangement as a final gesture ...
7th July 2017

PUSHING CANVAS Selected Art Works (2009 – 2017)

Screen (2014) Oil on canvas 24.0 X 24.0” / 60 X 60cm SOLD Brian never scrapes paint off, it's all about the considered application of paint, one layer at a time. Layering oil colour is relatively straightforward if each treatment is ‘dressed’ a certain way to facilitate the addition of another, potential layer upon it.