EXPLORING COMPOSITES Selected Art Works (2010 – 2017)

PUSHING CANVAS Selected Art Works (2009 – 2017)
7th July 2017
DEEPEST HARMONY Solo Exhibition at Ivy Brown Gallery (September 2017)
11th September 2017
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Peach Springs (2015) Oil on canvas (6-part composite) 31.5 x 71.0" / 80 x 180cm SOLD


Initially using separate canvases placed together to develop the concept of ‘panels’ (depicted and actual) and latterly on Masonite retained to a base using magnets, affording him with the possibility to manipulate panels into a ‘most harmonious’ arrangement as a final gesture toward the painting as object.

Deepest Harmony #01 (2017) Oil on nine masonite panels 24.0 x 24.0" / 60 x 60cm
Peach Springs (2015) Oil on canvas (6-part composite) 31.5 x 71.0" / 80 x 180cm SOLD
Cremorne (2014) Oil on canvas (diptych composite) 40.0 x 80.0" / 101.5 x 203cm SOLD
Ora (Just Now) (2012) Oil on canvas (4-part composite) 24.0 x 20.0" / 62 x 51cm
Zero Hour (2012) Oil on canvas (6-part composite) 38.0 x 20.0" / 96.5 x 51cm SOLD
Out of Time (2012) Oil on canvas (4-part composite) 31.5 x 31.5” / 80 x 80cm
Panello Rosso Abbassamento (2011) Oil on canvas (9-part composite) 37.0 x 37.0" / 93 x 93cm SOLD
Time Bomb (2011) Oil on canvas (5-part composite) 24.0 x 48.0" / 61 x 122cm SOLD
Red Panel Offset to the Left (2010) Oil on canvas (4-part composite) 16.0 x 16.0" / 41 x 41cm

STUDIO BRIAN NEISH – High Peak, Derbyshire based painter Brian Neish is an internationally acclaimed contemporary abstract artist. He is fascinated by painted surfaces and the exploration of time and experience through the layering of oil paint, colour and texture. All of the works shown are available for purchase. Brian is represented by a number of galleries including London Contemporary Art (London, UK), Bell Fine Art (Winchester, UK), and Ivy Brown Gallery (New York City, USA). Please contact Brian directly for prices and more details via the website contact form.