30 YEARS ON: BRIAN NEISH Solo Exhibition at The University of Winchester (May 2015)

JOURNEY Solo Exhibition at Store Street Gallery (November 2013)
12th October 2013
THE UNIQUENESS OF PAINT by Chris Hardman (January 2016)
1st January 2016
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Golden Gate (2013) on permanent display at the The Stripe, University of Winchester

To mark 30 years almost to the day since Brian’s Final Degree Show when he graduated in Art and Education from King Alfred’s College, the University of Winchester has kindly offered him the opportunity to show there again in May 2015 – at the John Stripe Theatre, main campus.

For the University it is a chance to show their current and future students the many exciting possibilities that can lie ahead after graduation. In 2010, after a successful 25 year career in Education, “Brian decided to take up the challenge of becoming a full-time professional artist, something he had dreamt about all those years ago while painting in the college’s Art Department at Medecroft. In a short space of time he has achieved great success, showing his work in Europe and the United States. This exhibition shows a selection of paintings from this early stage in his new career.” 

For Brian, it is an opportunity to show his “appreciation for the years that I spent as a student at the College and how it shaped me into becoming the person I am now. It was a wonderful time.” In this solo exhibition, Brian is including pieces from the original exhibition of May 1985, plus a range of larger works covering the period from 2009 to date. As well as new work not yet seen in public.

Woodland Landscape (1983) Pen & ink SOLD
Woodland Landscape (1985) Oil on canvas 37.0 x 42.0" / 94 x 106cm SOLD

Brian is also creating 100 small ‘souvenir’ paintings, to give to the many friends and family who have supported him over the years, all titled ‘Lonely Landscape’. It is an opportunity for him to once again take on the motif that interested him so much when he was an art student. This is his deep love and respect for natural landscapes, especially lonely and solitary ones. Now, 30 years later he is able to explore it in a manner that is authentic to the way he currently works. As he puts it, “Time can sometimes stand still and it’s worth enjoying moments like this when they occur.”

Lonely Landscape #27 (2015) Oil on canvas 5.0 x 7.0" / 12.5 x 18cm GIFTED
Lonely Landscape #38 (2015) Oil on canvas 5.0 x 7.0" / 12.5 x 18cm GIFTED
Lonely Landscape #67 (2015) Oil on canvas 5.0 x 7.0" / 12.5 x 18cm GIFTED
Lonely Landscape #97 (2015) Oil on canvas 5.0 x 7.0" / 12.5 x 18cm GIFTED