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Grey Paintings 2021
Ordeal (2021)Oil on canvas 100 x 75cm
Pang (2021) Oil on canvas 100 x 75cm
Nostalgia (2021) Oil on canvas 100 x 75cm
Studio Brian Neish

Brian Neish is an internationally selling, contemporary abstract artist painting in oils. He works from his studio in High Peak, Derbyshire. He is fascinated by painted surfaces. His work explores time and experience through the layering of oil paint, colour and texture. Brian trained at King Alfred’s College in Winchester, Hampshire. He also spent a post-graduate year of study at Dartington College of Art in Dartington, Devon.

The ‘Grey Series’ is the latest iteration of Brian Neish’s passion for rendering multiple layers of oil colour upon canvas or board. Here he uses a neutral or ‘non-colour’ such as grey. The grey paint helps bring unity and calm to the surface of the paintings. This in contrast to the raging and boiling, seemingly out-of-control surface texture.  Brian deploys a grid to organise the application of the grey paint to the final surface. The grid lends structure and depth to each painting’s motif. The resulting works fulfil his deeper need to express ideas about time, experience, and memories remembered (and forgotten). This is a further flowering of his notion of ‘Nobel Decay’.

Brian Neish exhibits his work at local Derbyshire art shows, national art exhibitions, and international art shows. He is represented by a number of galleries including London Contemporary Art (London, UK), Bell Fine Art (Winchester, UK) and Ivy Brown Gallery (New York City, USA). All of the contemporary abstract paintings by artist Brian shown on this site are available for purchase. Please contact him directly for prices and more details. 

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